YTA Masks

YTA strive to provide a sustainable alternative to our new way of life. Their packaging is fully recyclable and masks can be washed and re-used.

YTA’s footprint from every mask is 0.68kgCO2e. Although being higher per mask than standard disposable masks, these are meant to last. It would therefore take 11 days of wearing a YTA mask to equal the CO2e of a disposable and thereafter you are saving emissions. If we scale these values up over a year (assuming 6 reusable masks/person/year) we reach a saving of 1.2 million tonnes CO2e compared to a scenario of the UK population wearing disposable masks. The same as driving a car to and from the sun…15 times.

The mask brand is now not only making reusable masks, they are offsetting their carbon to equal how much they produce.

Visit there website here.

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